Hi, I’m Anna Franke,
artist, designer and freelance illustrator, living in Hamburg, Germany.
I’m working for newspapers, magazines and agencies.
I like the rough and experimental style and i love it to reach something unpredictable while working.

Themes: society, consumption, advertising, people, faces, protest, arabic world, youth culture, tourism and nature –
realistic and sometimes surreal.
Techniques: graphit, pastel, acrylic, marker, collage, mixed media, digital

Please contact me for collaborations.
T +49 (0) 177 504 18 66

* 1980 in Erlangen, South Germany.
I studied communication design in Nuremberg (South Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Salamanca (Spain).
Focussed on advertising, conception, graphic design and illustration i worked for Nofrontiere Design GmbH (Vienna),
Publicis Pixelpark (Erlangen) and DDB Tribal Group (Hamburg).

2011 I was founding the collage art collective  COLLAGITOS with several exhibitions and events in collaboration
with other artists.

I am producing collage artwork intensively since 2010. 

2014 Paradiesköpfe /  Zeichnungen, Collagen & Malerei
Hotel Barceló Hamburg

2013 Freimut /  Arabische Frauen im Aufbruch / Zeichnungen
Galerie Monarc, Hamburg

2013 Gesichter des Widerstands /   Zeichnungen
Freie Deutsch-Syrische Gesellschaft e.V., Leo-Lippmann-Saal, Hamburg

2011 Geh ins Kino / Collagen zu drei Jahren Metropolis-Programm
Kommunales Metropolis-Kino, Hamburg

2013 Zucker und Schmalz / Collagen und Malerei
Kulturwerkstatt Harburg, Hamburg

2013 Zucker und Schmalz / Collagen und Malerei
artroom, Berlin

2013 Collagitos‘ Idealwahn-Knüllertypen im WSV / Collagen & Malerei
Artsore St. Pauli, Hamburg

2013 Collagitos‘ Enthuellung der Rastlosen / Collagen & Malerei
Nachtspeicher 23, Hamburg

2013 Kaliber 3013 / Collagitos & Invisible Urcle / Art Event
Angel *Klub, Hamburg

2012 Apephilharmonie  / Collagitos / Collagen & Malerei
Galerie Affenfaust, Hamburg

2012 30den blickdicht / Collagitos / Collagen & Malerei
Galerie Affenfaust, Hamburg

2012 Stadt, Ich, Du / Collagitos / Collagen & Malerei
KunstKiosk, Hamburg